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You must have already planned to take a yacht charter to Greek Islands, but you might not be aware yet of the places where this cruise will bring you. Greek Islands are wonderful places for anyone out there that is planning to have a unique and grand yachting holiday. Greece is a country of rich and famous cultures which are known to the world. If you really want to have a look at these cultures then you have to rent a Turkish gullet yacht which is the most reasonable way to sail thru these beautiful islands of Greece. This yacht cruise will give you a fabulous experience of beautiful and exciting sail because of the wonderful and grandeur sites along. Looking through the Greek islands of Dodecanese and Cyclades will give you the feeling of exhilaration and excitement as ancient cultures and remains unfold.

A private yacht charter in the Aegean Sea and in the middle of the Mediterranean thru the numerous Greek Islands surrounded by the splendor of crystal clear water… Cruise to Dodecanese and Cyclades Greek Islands and discover Rhodes, Symi, Kos, Kalymnos, Patmos, Arki, Santorini, Mykonos and many others from a different perspective.

12 Guest


36 meters long ketch type gulet yacht DOLCE MARE with AC. DOLCE MARE gulet yacht has 6 (2 VIP + 2 double + 2 Triple) cabins and can accommodate 12 guests.

from € 28000
14 Guest


31 meters long UGUR gulet yacht with AC. UGUR yacht has 7 (1 master + 6 double) cabins and can accommodate 14 guests.

from € 9800
18 Guest


Gulet yacht KAPTAN MEHMET BUGRAhas 8 cabins (2 Master, 4 Double and 2 Triple Bed) and can accommodate up to 16 persons. Rent yacht KAPTAN MEHMET BUGRAfor a private yacht holiday in Turkey and Greek Islands.

from € 21000
18 Guest


S. Nur Taylan is a luxurious 34,0 meters long gulet yacht. Yacht S.NUR TAYLAN has 8 cabins (6 Double + 2 Triple) for 18 guests.

from € 14000
16 Guest


Halil Aga gulet yacht is built and launched in Bodrum. Halia Aga offer accommodation for 16 people in 8 cabins to her guests.

from € 5600
25 Guest


Gulet yacht AMETIST-A has 9 cabins (7 Triple + 2 Double) and can accommodate up to 25 persons. Rent gulet boat AMETIST-A (formerly SEMELE) and have an exclusive yacht holiday in Bodrum, Marmaris, Rhodes, Greece.

from € 7000
22 Guest


39 meters Holiday 10 gulet yacht with AC. Holiday 10 gulet yacht has 10 (4 double + 4 twin + 2 triple) cabins and can accommodate 22 guests.

from € 10500
26 Guest


Gulet yacht OGUZBEY has 10 cabins (2 Double + 2 Twin + 6 Triple cabins) and can accommodate up to 26 persons. Rent yacht OGUZBEY for a private yacht holiday in Turkey and Greek Islands.

from € 14000
22 Guest


Gulet Aegean Clipper is a beautiful gulet to rent for groups up to 22 guests in her 11 cabins (1 Master + 4 double + 6 twin cabins)

from € 9400
22 Guest


Caferoglu 7 offers memorable yacht vacationsout of Bodrum, Turkey and Kos, Greece. Gulet Caferoglu 7 is comfortable and holds ISM license that can cruise up to 22 passangers in Greek Islands.

from € 8750