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Many people are planning their holidays specifically for wellness activities; visiting spas, health resorts, baths and springs, but also yoga retreats, fitness and gym centres and even specialty restaurants. We can create a perfect yachting holiday by combing fitness activities with indulgent treatments on one of our top yachts. Mix and match daily wellness activities, including hiking and walking sessions and yoga to soothe your body and mind. 

While it may not be the sole purpose of your cruise, you may have an interest in maintaining wellness during a yacht charter in Turkey or Greece. Some travelers take holiday packages specifically to improve their health, while some want to continue their healthy habits during their holidays.

While you are on Blue Cruise, once you also like to de-stress, search spiritual tranquillity with yoga, increase your fitness and get motivated to stay fit, we have the perfect yachting holiday for you. Finding a yacht charter with a healthy menu and extensive exercise may not be that easy. With the company of an instructor, our collection of gullet yachts offer the best yoga or detox retreats, fitness breaks or a particular destination for adventure and discovery. We collate the below gulets, each with something in common or a similar type of yachting experience. View our yacht fleet which we regularly update for inspiration and ideas.

22 Guest


39 meters Holiday 10 gulet yacht with AC. Holiday 10 gulet yacht has 10 (4 double + 4 twin + 2 triple) cabins and can accommodate 22 guests.

from € 10500
12 Guest


27 meters long gulet yacht with AC. This gulet yacht has 6 (4 double + 2 twin) cabins and can accommodate 12 guests.

from € 8400
9 Guest


Gulet Impact Z yacht has 5 cabins (2 master+3 double). Rent gulet boat IMPACT Z and have an exclusive yacht holiday in Fethiye, Marmaris, Rhodes, Mykonos, Greece.

from € 7000
18 Guest


Gulet yacht KAPTAN MEHMET BUGRA has 8 cabins (2 Master, 4 Double and 2 Triple Bed) and can accommodate up to 16 persons. Rent yacht KAPTAN MEHMET BUGRAfor a private yacht holiday in Turkey.

from € 21000
12 Guest


Gulet yacht CARPE DIEM 5 has 6 cabins (2 VIP master + 4 twin) and can accommodate up to 12 persons. Rent yacht CARPE DIEM 5 for a private yacht holiday in Turkey and Greek Islands.

from € 35000
10 Guest


Gulet yacht ECE BERRAK has 5 cabins (1 master + 2 double + 2 twin) and can accommodate up to 10 persons. Rent yacht ECE BERRAK for a private yacht holiday in Turkey.

from € 10500
8 Guest


AURA is a superior class, 22 meters long beautiful gulet yacht with 4 cabins (2 master+2 double). She offers comfort and privacy for groups up to 8 people through Turkey.

from € 6300
12 Guest


36 meters long ketch type gulet yacht DOLCE MARE with AC. DOLCE MARE gulet yacht has 6 (2 VIP + 2 double + 2 Triple) cabins and can accommodate 12 guests.

from € 28000
12 Guest


43 meters long luxurious yacht GORA with AC. Yacht GORA has 5 (2 VIP + 1 double + 2 Triple) cabins and can accommodate 12 guests.

from € 35000
10 Guest


White Soul is superb gulet yacht with 5 cabins (2 VIP + 1 Master + 2 double) for those who seek luxury and water sports activities together, an exclusive yacht cruise is waiting on White Soul in Turkey and Greece

from € 24500