Crewed yacht charters in Turkey

Crewed yacht charters in Turkey

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Turkey crewed charter yachtCrewed yacht charter vacation in Turkey provides an unsurpassed taste of freedom. A crewed yacht charter may cost no more than an exclusive hotel or cruise on a ship, however unlike a cruise ship or hotel you have the privacy, control and freedom. You and your friends will be the only guests aboard the gulet yacht and the only ones the crew need attend. The service is professional, personalized and friendly.The delicious Turkish cuisine is prepared, to your liking, by your own personal chef and you can dine whenever and wherever you like.

The crewed charter yachts can vary immensely in size, style and function. The largest and most lavishly appointed charter yachts in Turkey, however, tend to be gulet yachts. The interior saloons of the gulet yachts are spacious and tastefully decorated and the private cabins are large with individual ensuite facilities, shower and toilets. The decks are designed with overflowing space, perfect for sunbathing and other outdoor activities.

The crewed charter yachts are also usually equipped with sea toys for your entertainment. Kayaks, windsurfers, snorkeling equipment -or water-ski, jet skis on deluxe charter yachts- are not uncommon. Every charter yacht has its own tender boat to carry passengers ashore to the beach during the day or to dine out
at night.

Turkey crewed yacht charter

In crewed yacht charters, you can either choose one of our standard Blue Cruise itineraries or create your own itinerary even including the Greek Islands nearby and more popularly combining with a land tour adding greater variety to your yacht charter holiday.

Turkey crewed yacht charter vacations are fast becoming a popular way to enjoy spectacular scenery, brilliant service, and incomparable freedom to explore the fabulous coastline, bays and islands of Turkey- - all in style and comfort.

List of private Gulet yachts for Charter >>

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Turkey yacht charter tips:

Crewed yacht charter is a great way to enjoy a superb holiday in Turkey. We know how many things there are to consider when planning a yacht charter vacation. Here are a few guidelines, to help you choose the right yacht charter broker in Turkey. With the right choice, your Turkey yacht charter vacation can be even better than you imagined.

A good yacht charter broker should be able to provide professional and informative advice. Use a yacht charter broker that you are happy with in terms of their experience, professionalism and attention to your needs. They will find the best charter yachts for the best value from all the charters they have to choose from. They can do this through experience and knowledge.

Yacht charter brokers are independent and tend to represent a multitude of charter yachts; herefore tend to give unbiased advice. A good yacht charter broker will be familiar with the yachts, crew and places in which they operate.

For yacht charter vacations, payment is required months in advance. Your yacht charter broker should have a trust account.

For yacht charter vacations, its set strict departure and arrival times for the yachts, other travel arrangements, get a good travel agent who is familiar with yacht charters. You will need to consider flight times, visas and perhaps some onshore accommodation. Some yacht charter brokers, as we do, have the facilities to organize your complete charter vacation inbound Turkey from airport to airport including your domestic flight reservations, transfers, accommodation, car rental or tour arrangements if requested via our subsidiary -A- licensed travel agency.

These are a few tips fora successful yacht charter in Turkey. BODTUR can provide professional advice to find the best yacht, crew and itinerary, to suit your needs. We can even help plan the rest of your vacation before and after your Turkey yacht charter.