Diving on a Turkey Yacht Charter - 1

Diving on a Turkey Yacht Charter - 1

In Turkey, the sailing on perfect conditions yachts is called Turkey yacht charter; Hire a gulet yacht, you can walk to the incredible beauty of the places, combining the natural splendor and grandeur of the monuments of ancient architecture which can be reached only by sea. Turkey yacht charter started to develop some thirty years ago and today is perhaps the best equipped yacht tours in the Mediterranean.

Turkish Aegean coast is ideal for those who decide to try a vacation to Turkey yacht charter and diving: a huge number of closed bays, coastal archipelago of islands, which you can cruise in any weather, the opportunity to stay on vacation almost any time. All this makes travel easy and enjoyable even for those who are afraid for the first time to go to under the sea.

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Imagine crystal clear warm water which combines bright colors and sunlight. The underwater landscape is very diverse; from calm shallow bays, ideal for novice divers, to mysterious crevices, caves, reefs, tunnels, sunken ships and aircraft for the experienced divers. Explore the flora and fauna of the Mediterranean Sea; Sea horses, octopuses, Caretta Caretta turtles and numerous kinds of fishes ... And do not forget about the ancient Greek and Roman amphorae which date from the third century BC. The best dive sites are located around Fethiye and Kas. Between May and October period, the water temperature reaches 28C degrees , and even during the cold times of the year, it does not fall below 20C degrees.

During diving on a Turkey yacht charter, underwater divers can explore or discover the historical monuments, modern and antique sunken boats and aircraft wrecks, amphora, underwater cities, beautiful underwater landscapes, caves, walls, endemic species, canyons, grottos specific to the Mediterranean fauna and flora. On mixing the salt water of the sea and fresh water underground rivers flowing down from the peaks of the Taurus, you will feel great with delight and indescribable optical effect caused by the phenomenon of the thermo cline and alkaline. Diving in Turkey is very interesting and beautiful.