ALL INCLUSIVE yacht to Rhodes, Symi, Chalki, Tilos

Rhodes-South Dodecanese Cruise (ALL INCL)

Bodtur Yachting offers you a yacht cruise to Rhodes, Simi and Tilos. The yacht cruise starts from Rhodes; the largest island of Dodecanese of Greece. The first and the last days of our yacht cruise will be spent in Rhodes. The island is of great value to the whole world: priceless archaeological finds, great cultural heritage and incredible ancient artifacts scattered throughout the island.
First stop will be at a Turkish town; Bozburun. Later the yacht will cruise to Symi Island. The houses of the Symi town are painted in different colors which makes it an extraordinary place and fabulously beautiful. By the yacht port, you can see the ruins of the fortress of the Knights, which was built on the site of the Acropolis. You can visit Church of the Virgin and Castle.
There are 16 protected areas where there are about a hundred species of rare birds and over 400 species of flowers in the Tilos Island. Tilos is a rocky island, but ends in a beautiful sandy beach called Eritros.

Rhodes-South Dodecanese Cruise (ALL INCL) 1

Day 1: Rhodes

Aboard the yacht, you will be greeted by our staff. Overnight and dinner on board in the Port of Rhodes. In the evening you can visit the lively town of Rhodes. Dinner and overnight on board.

Day 2: Symi-Agia Marina-Agia Nikolaos

Today, we cruise to Symi; a real gem, one of the most beautiful little of the Dodecanese Islands of Greece. Have your camera ready for wonderful images of this small fairy-tale island. We enjoy lots of swimming today in the many bays! Your dinner will be served on board, but if you wish to dine ashore by yourselves, please inform the captain in advance. All the tavernas on Symi are very tempting and the captain will understand your choice. Dinner and overnight on board.

Day 3: Symi-Panormitis

We will cruise to Panormitis today, located in the southern part of Symi. On the way, we will stop for a swim and lunch in one of the beautiful bays around the island, at Nanou bay or one of the many others. You can visit the Monastery of the Archangel Michael Panormitis. This is a Greek Orthodox monastery built in the early 18th century, and still inhabited by monks. It is visited by people from all over the world, and many Greeks pay homage to St Michael of Panormitis each year. Dinner and overnight on board.

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Day 4: Symi -Tilos

Today, we continue our cruising along the coast around Symi Island. We will continue along the bays around Symi, then head to island. Dinner and overnight on board.

Day 5: Tilos

Today, we cruise to Tilos. Tilos is surrounded by high and rocky mountains, steep coasts, beaches with transparent waters and caves.  It has Medieval castles built or rebuilt by the Knights of St John, a Byzantine monastery, many small graphical churches and an in 1970 deserted village Mikro Chorio that is now declared a cultural monument.  You may visit the Charkadio Cave full of paleontological discoveries like the famous dwarf elephant fossil bones. This is the place where the last elephants of Europe lived: the dwarf elephants appeared in the island 45,000 years ago and disappeared 4,000 years ago. Dinner and overnight on board.

Day 6: Chalki

Today, we cruise to the beautiful island of Chalki north-west from Rhodes. Not much developed in tourism, this is a perfect destination for peace and privacy.
Nimporio is the only village and main port of the island. In the centre of Chalki Island, there is an abandoned village with a Medieval Castle on top.
The beach promenade of Nimporio is lined up with cafeterias and taverns.
Chalki is a lovely island famous for its crystal beaches. There are some organized beaches in Chalki, like Potamos and Kania, while there are also other remote places, like Yali.

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Day 7: Chalki - Rhodes

We will make our way back to the famous island of Rhodes. Free day to visit one of the best preserved medieval towns in the world and a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site. Optional trips available today for rock climbing / jeep safari (self-driving or with professional driver) / scuba diving / hiking Filerimos / tour to Lindos with its cliff side Acropolis, whitewashed houses and picturesque scenery. Dinner and overnight on board in Rhodes harbour.

Day 8: Rhodes

Enjoy an early Mediterranean breakfast on board. Your cruise comes to an end. Disembarkation in Rhodes at 08:00.


NOTE: Cruise itineraries are subject to change, due to bad weather conditions, force majeure and change in local legislation without prior notice and docking conditions in major ports and marinas.  

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