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Private yacht charter in Turkey provides an unsurpassed taste of freedom. A crewed private yacht charter may cost no more than an exclusive hotel or cruise on a ship, however unlike a cruise ship or hotel you have the privacy, control and freedom. You and your friends will be the only guests aboard your gulet yacht and the only ones the crew need attend.

Private crewed yacht charterA private yacht charter in Turkey can be classified as a gulet charter yacht with three or more crew. It does not need to cost the earth, either. The small crewed gulet yacht charters are normally catered for by a Captain, a chef and a sailor. This type of crewed gulet yacht charter gives the client the opportunity to participate, without having to care the full burden of navigation, cooking and cleaning. What even better is your crew will have expert local knowledge, from knowing where the best anchorages, ports, beaches, walks and onshore activities are located, to where to get the freshest type of local foods or where the best restaurants are. Even a basic crew, for a modest outlay, can make an enormous difference to the satisfaction of your gulet yacht charter vacation.

On a private gulet yacht charter of small size privacy is an important matter to consider. You'll want a professional crew that you get on with as you will be spending a lot of time together on board. Does a private gulet yacht of this size sound a bit intimate? No. The crew members are professionals. They respect their place on the gulet and understand their role is to enhance the enjoyment of your holiday.

Private yacht charter in TurkeyOn a larger private gulet yacht charter, crew can consist of minimum of four people. On such gulet yacht, a Captain, a chef, a deckhand and a sailor will be at your service. One stewardess may also be employed during a very deluxe gulet yacht charter. The crew on a deluxe gulet yacht will be completely devoted to your satisfaction. They are dedicated to make your charter truly memorable.

The food served to you during a gulet yacht charter in Turkey are comparable to some of the finest restaurant. On a crewed gulet yacht, you will have the menu is set. A private crewed gulet yacht charter in Turkey sounds like paradise - and it is.

In private gulet yacht charters, you can either choose one of our standard Blue Cruise itineraries or create your own itinerary even including the Greek Islands.

BODTUR will organize your private gulet yacht charter which is second to none. We believe in carefully matching our clients to the most appropriate yachts, crew and chartering areas. Please contact us if you have any questions or require more information on private gulet yacht charters. Or simply go to the below page for some of our listed gulet charter yachts.

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